What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an erectile dysfunction in which a man is unable to get or maintain an erection of the penis.
Colloquially, erectile dysfunction is also called impotence or erectile impotence.

However, a distinction should be made between erectile dysfunction and infertility. impotence includes both sexual disorders.

Temporary erectile dysfunction is no longer uncommon even among those under 40. The potency problems in young men are often one-time and not permanent. Causes can be psychological stresses such as in the job or the relationship. However, there may also be organic reasons for impotence.

Stress at work as a frequent cause of potency Problems in young men

Nowadays, the demands at work are getting higher and higher. Many young men exhaust themselves during the day and have no energy left in the evening to experience sexuality.

They fall onto the couch or into bed after work dead tired. In this case, it is no wonder that no erection occurs or that it is too weak to perform a satisfying sexual intercourse. satisfactory sexual intercourse.

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Here are some tips for a good Erection

To get a good erection, even young men need a good blood flow in the penis. Therefore, a healthy diet rich in vitamins and low in cholesterol is very beneficial. Smoking is one of the most important environmental toxins and can lead to erectile dysfunction.

To improve the stability of the penis, as well as the resistance during intercourse, a special pelvic floor training is advisable.

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