If he is sincere, this breakdown in bed will be familiar to every man. Stress or excessive alcohol are the main culprits for occasional or rare penis strikes. The next time it happens, everything usually works out as expected. However, more and more young men are finding that it takes them months to get or maintain satisfactory sexual activity. This is the correct medical definition for erectile disorder or erectile malfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction.

More Men are affected by Erectile Dysfunction risk Factors than ever before

Markus Margreiter, a private lecturer, explains that impotence is not something we like to talk about. He heads the outpatient clinic for erectile dysfunction and andrology at the Vienna University Clinic for Urology.

Doctors have always believed that erectile dysfunction (ED), is mainly a problem for men with an increasing age. A recent study, German Male Sex-Study, involving over 10,000 men, revealed that 25% of 45-year olds had erectile dysfunction symptoms. There are a lot more young men now than ever before.

More and more young men are suffering from impotence. These men have a hard time talking about it because they are embarrassed, but Eroxel is designed to eliminate this problem regardless of age: Eroxel Original

Three explanation models can explain why more Men are affected, even younger Men:

1. Other than smoking, other risk factors like obesity, physical inactivity and diabetes are more common. In the 1990s, up to 25% more men were affected by diabetes and obesity than they were in the 1990s.

Performance Society puts pressure on People to perform

2. A digitalization of sexuality. This point is mainly for younger men who have grown-up with computers. Markus Margreiter summarizes this point by saying that “Reality doesn’t deliver what virtuality virtuality promise.” If paper were still patient, then one can definitely speak of endless expanses with the Internet – just like the possibilities for the virtual performance in spectacular penis performances.

Men can be hard or soft – this is a cycle for the male Psyche

3. The current gender role is putting pressure on men. The urologist says that masculinity’s demands are inconsistent and contradictory. Men are expected to be masculine and tough, not “wimps” or “warmists”, but empathetically and loving.

This paradox puts men under pressure and uneasy. This is evident in a study on men with erectile disorder. The study found that men with ED feel more social pressure and have a lower self-esteem. They also tend to be more unhappy about their bodies than those without erectile dysfunction.

What can Men do to combat Potency Problems

It is worth the effort to find out the cause of a man’s breakdown in bed. Relaxation breaks and stress management are helpful. Or you can simply go on vacation with your spouse. It will work again as you wish. You can also use ED to help yourself.

  • Reduce alcohol
  • Change diet
  • Stop smoking
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor with exercise

Markus Margreiter promises that “With these simple measures, we know that 25% of men can get it back on track.”

These lifestyle changes should be made as soon as possible. What about potency pills found on the internet? Experts advise against purchasing such medication online as they could contain counterfeits or untested preparations.

He warns that the trade in fake sexual enhancers is now more lucrative than drug trade. In Austria and Germany, counterfeit potency drugs were discovered more often than drugs during border checks.

ED may be a Sign of a more serious Condition

However, it is best for men to seek immediate medical attention. ED may be a sign of another condition, such hormone imbalances, diabetes, vascular or nerve damage. The urologist warns that up to 20% of men who have ED are at risk for serious cardiovascular problems if they don’t seek medical attention.

It is especially important that every man between the ages of 35 and 40 sees a urologist at least once before any problems develop. He does not need to return every 5-10 years if everything is in order. It is possible to control any irregularities or risk factors that are found at the initial checkup so that there are no major problems later.

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